Our Services

We offer just about every IT service you or your business needs! From remote and onsite support to computer repairs, laptop, mac and device repairs – we’ve got you covered.

Michelsen Computers can help you to set up from new, move your old systems to new hardware, or repair and renew your existing hardware and networks.

We service the entire Whangarei region and can travel throughout Northland if needed.


Remote and Onsite Support

With very competitive rates, low callout fees and superior service, Michelsen Computers is your go-to for all onsite and remote support needs. We can come to you, work remotely, or you can drop off to the Kamo office, located on the main road near Kamo Intermediate School.

We can tune up your slow computer, fix anything onsite from computers and mobile devices through to networks and printers. If your wireless coverage is lacking, we can fix it! If your systems aren’t working like they are supposed to, we can fix it! Any issue will be solved with a minimum of fuss and as little disruption as possible. 

We work with all sorts – from local schools and businesses, big and small, to home users and anyone in between. 

Computer Repairs, Phone and Tablet Repairs

Michelsen Computers can fix your device, whether it’s a desktop computer, a laptop, Windows or Apple Mac, even phones and tablets. 

Give us a call and discuss your options. We pride ourselves on honest advice, working to get you the best result for the lowest cost.

Tech Rescue and Data Recovery

Dropped laptop? Failed hard drive? Computer just won’t turn on? Call us and we’ll get it sorted quickly and professionally. 

We can recover data from failed external drives and devices that won’t turn on. Water damage, impact damage, or just random failure, your data can almost always be recovered. We’re also partnered with expert recovery specialists where we can send severely damaged drives, at much better prices than usual. 

If your device is playing up and you need it sorted asap, just give us a call and we’ll make it happen. 

Virus, Malware and Hackers/Scammers

If you or your business has been a victim of a virus or malware attack, or phone or email scams, we can use our expertise to ensure your devices are clean and safe again. 

We can provide full virus and malware detection services to comply with bank requests – if you’ve been the victim of a scammer or hacker that has involved your online banking, your bank will often request that your device is cleaned before they reactivate your online banking. 

If you’re just concerned about the viruses and malware, or the constant scammer phone calls and emails, give us a call for free advice on how to protect yourself and your systems.

We have worked directly with many home users and businesses to help them recover from these attacks, and have helped them to secure their devices and even helped to investigate and recover their funds through their bank.

Full Business, School and Home
Network and IT Support.

We can work with you to improve your network speeds, tune up your computers and fix any issues with your business, school or home hardware. 

We have set up everything from full business and school network installs, point to point wireless connections, all the way down to home networking and WiFi. If you, your school or your business need help in any area related to technology hardware, we’re here to help.

Have you got a slow connection at home, or at work? We can help there too! 

We can work with local experts to provide a fully scaled service – large scale network infrastructure installs, full VOIP phone systems and more!

If It’s Tech Related, Call Michelsen Computers.

We’re set up to be your go-to tech company, offering full coverage of all technology related issues. Give us a try, you won’t regret it.  

We would love to chat – call (09) 4355 435 or click below.